Appointment Registration for Harris County Probate Court 4

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this Registration form for Harris County Probate Court 4. It is the mission of this court to serve families in times of crisis when the crisis involves the loss or incapacity of a loved one or a mental health challenge. We know that acting as an ad litem, guardian, or administrator is an act of service and we appreciate your willingness to help this court in our mission. If you have never served as an appointee in Court 4, we will invite you to attend an hour long presentation on serving as an appointee once we receive your Registration Form, Resume, and Certification Form.

Harris County Probate Court 4 will be holding a MANDATORY AD LITEM ORIENTATION  for new ad litem attorneys
QUARTERLY, NOT MONTHLY starting at 10:00 a.m. Please advise staff attorney Ana Vaso, e-mail address: if you will be attending the orientation.

Please complete the registration form electronically and attach your resume and certificate from the State Bar of Texas for direct submission.

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Once completed, please submit Registration Form to Probate Court 4 along with your resume and current certificate from the State Bar of Texas that you are eligible to practice as an attorney ad litem in Texas Courts.

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